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Friday, March 31, 2000


DEP denies extension for Daisy's clean-up

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has informed the owner of the old Daisy Gas Station on Lowell Street that the state will take over clean-up work on the site if the property owner does not comply with the next step in the process by April 21. In December 1996, the DEP determined that the site is a source of MTBE contamination in certain private wells in the town center.

The DEP imposed the deadline in a March 13 letter to Robert Daisy, on file at the Gleason Public Library. In so doing, the DEP denied a request for an extension to respond to issues raised by the DEP and the town of Carlisle about the adequacy of the clean-up plan proposed by 21E, Inc., Daisy's licensed site professional. If an appropriate response to these issues is not received by April 21, the DEP will perform the next steps in the clean-up process. These steps include hiring a state contractor to develop and test, using additional monitoring and recovery wells if necessary, a remedial treatment system to address the source area of contamination.

The DEP gave three reasons for its decision. First, a new gasoline-related contaminant (toluene) was recently detected in one of the private wells being monitored in the town center. This detection indicates that the groundwater contamination migrating from the Daisy property has not stabilized and could further impact private wells in the area. The DEP considers that an immediate remedial response is necessary to minimize potential exposures to contaminated groundwater.

Second, the DEP stated that numerous extensions have already been granted to accommodate funding difficulties, noting that the immediate response action has been ongoing since December 1996. Finally, while financial inability was the reason for the requested extension, a formal financial inability application was never submitted to the DEP.

DEP representative Scott Greene said that Alice Daisy has responded to the March 13 letter by saying that she is still in the process of securing funding for the clean-up work. Daisy did not say how long the process might take. Greene stated that the DEP is still holding the owner to the April 21 deadline. At that point, the department will reassess its options about performing the work.

A major part of the clean-up work has already been performed. In December 1998, three underground gasoline storage tanks located on the north side of the garage were excavated along with all related pipes and fuel lines. In addition, approximately 300 cubic yards of contaminated soil around the tanks and the old pumps that made up the dispensing island at the gas station were also removed. At that time, Sandra Hebert of 21E, Inc. said that the cost of that clean-up was "very expensive," and the town's independent consultant estimated that the work cost "in the tens of thousands of dollars."

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