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Friday, March 31, 2000


Selectmen will seek interim administrator

Since all three of their top-choice candidates for Carlisle's town administrator position are no longer interested, the board of selectmen reluctantly decided to hire an interim employee. Obviously frustrated with the void in Town Hall, chair Doug Stevenson declared at their early morning meeting last Friday, "We're running leaderless and it's getting old."

The current town administrator David DeManche decreased his hours to part-time last fall due to other commitments. When he submitted his resignation in December, DeManche agreed to continue to fill in on a part-time basis until a replacement was found. After his position was advertised in mid-December, an appointed search committee reviewed resumes of the 25 respondents and conducted preliminary interviews. Although the selectmen met with the top five candidates in early March, their three top candidates have since withdrawn. One candidate withdrew for family reasons, one withdrew because he was secure in his current position and the third had already accepted a different job.

While the selectmen understood that bringing in an interim administrator "comes with its own set of disruptive issues," they felt they had no alternative in what they described as "a seller's market." Selectmen Vivian Chaput and John Ballantine agreed to find an interim administrator who could take over the reins as soon as possible. A couple of the full-time applicants may be approached, as well as a person suggested by the town counsel who works as an interim on a regular basis.

Although closing the gaps has been difficult, selectman Michael Fitzgerald had words of praise for secretary Margaret McNally "for all she's doing to try to hold the ship together." The other board members were clearly in agreement in their appreciation of McNally who assumed her duties last fall.

The selectmen intend to re-advertise the full-time position in mid-May after most towns have concluded their Town Meeting process and administrators would be more likely to seek other employment opportunities.

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