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Friday, March 31, 2000


Health Ed classes tackle big issues

As part of comprehensive health awareness, students at Concord-Carlisle High School take health education classes in their freshmen and junior years. Health and fitness instructors teach health education topics in classrooms. For freshmen, health education includes information on good nutrition, the use and abuse of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs and also human sexuality. Students also learn about media influences, eating disorders and how to manage stress.

Juniors take a more discussion-oriented health education course called Life Skills. In the alcohol, tobacco and drugs unit, an officer from the Concord Police Department and the CCHS prevention intervention guidance counselor speak to students about school policies and personal and legal consequences of substance use. In the abstinence and pregnancy prevention segment, the school nurse emphasizes to students the importance of abstinence as a healthy choice and also discusses birth control. The students also learn facts about sexually-transmitted diseases. A person living with HIV/AIDS from the AIDS Action Committee is invited to speak to the class.

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