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Friday, March 24, 2000


No RecCom Warrant articles

Recreation commission repre-sentatives were unsuccessful in convincing the selectmen to add an article to the Warrant which would increase the commission from five to seven members.

Additional manpower is needed to run the expanding programs offered by the RecCom and to oversee the new Banta-Davis fields, said RecCom member Maureen Tarca. RecCom director Carol Peters added that, while people have been coming forward as volunteers, there is not the same degree of commitment and ownership of the program as if the volunteers were fully enfranchised members of the commission. "We're the people who do all the jobs," said Tarca.

The selectmen, on the other hand, believed that the RecCom should maintain the five-member board and accept other volunteers as associate members. Selectmen chair Doug Stevenson felt that, with a smaller board, it was easier to set policy. As a practical matter, he cited possible problems with getting a quorum of members.

Tarca responded, "I'll take your five reluctantly, but I'll be back."

Donated van

In a separate matter, town counsel advised the selectmen that a Town Meeting vote is not required to accept a van donated to the RecCom for the purpose of transporting students among after-school activities. Only a vote by the board of selectmen is needed. The board asked Peters to identify the "hidden costs" of owning the van before they make their final decision.

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