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Friday, March 24, 2000


An unusual town caucus

Winter is finally over and the first day of spring marks the advent of town election season. A quorum of 25 registered voters quickly assembled in the Clark Room to nominate candidates for all vacant town offices at the March 20 town caucus.

School Street resident Howard Hensleigh was again selected as moderator, with Forest Park Drive resident Judy Larson serving as clerk. Hensleigh explained that only two candidates could be selected for each office. If more were nominated, those present at the caucus would vote to select only two. If there was a tie, both candidates would appear on the ballot.

This situation occurred immediately with the lead-off nominations for moderator. Sarah Brophy, Wayne Davis, and Tom Raftery were all nominated for the position long held by Marshall "Pete" Simonds. "This is a very unusual situationwe haven't seen this in 35 years," commented Hensleigh with a wry grin. The candidates rose and gave a short speech describing their qualifications and why they were seeking office. To make it even more unusual, the caucus vote ended in a tie for first, with Davis and Raftery taking the nomination. Brophy was undeterred and immediately after the caucus she began gathering signatures so that her name will be placed on the ballot.

Carol Peters, chair of the recreation commission, will be running for Burt Rubenstein's vacant seat on the board of selectmen. In another switchover, Phyllis Zinicola, presently an associate member of the board of appeals, is seeking the position on the planning board vacated by Bill Tice. A last-minute resignation by Joe Antognoni of the housing authority prompted the nomination of Alan Lehotsky for the two-year term. Other new faces were Steve Pearlman for housing authority (five years) and Brooke Cragan for Gleason Library Trustee.

A candidate must be a registered voter in Carlisle in order to qualify. Volunteers who are interested in running for a position have until 5 p.m. on March 27 to submit nomination papers to the town clerk, which include a statement of intention and the signatures of at least 20 Carlisle voters. After that date, residents may run as a write-in candidate and no nomination papers are required. Town elections will be held on May 9.

Town caucus nominees

Moderator (one for one year)

Wayne Davis, Concord Street (tied for first), nominated by Eunice Knight

Tom Raftery, Concord Street (tied for first), nominated by Roberta Spang

Sarah Brophy, Curve Street (on ballot by petition),nominated by Marty Galligan

Town clerk (one for three years)

Sarah Andreassen, Cross Street, nominated by Cynthia Macleod

Selectmen (two for three years)

Doug Stevenson, Cross Street, nominated by Marty Galligan

Carol Peters, Carleton Road, nominated by Cindy Nock

Assessors (one for three years)

Thomas Dunkers, East Street, nominated by Burt Buckborough

Board of health (one for one year)

Lisa Davis Lewis, Autumn Lane, nominated by Steve Opolski

Board of health (one for three years)

Steve Opolski, Concord Street, nominated by Lisa Davis Lewis

Planning board (one for five years)

Phyllis Zinicola, Sunset Road, nominated by Louise Hara

Gleason trustee (one for three years)

Brooke Cragan, Rutland Street, nominated by Teresa Kvietkauskas

Housing authority (one for five years)

Steve Pearlman, Baldwin Road, nominated by Marty Galligan

Housing authority (one for two years)

Alan Lehotsky, West Street, nominated by Marty Galligan

School committee (one for three years)

David Dockterman, Russell Street, nominated by Gabrielle Dockterman.

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