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Friday, March 17, 2000


Ron O'Reilly, outreach coordinator for Carlisle's Council On Aging, has announced his resignation. O'Reilly is moving to New Jersey to be closer to family and elderly parents. "The date is indeterminate," he says. "It's up to the discretion of the board. As soon as they find somebody, I'll leave." O'Reilly, who has lived in the center of town for the past ten years in the 1789 Wilkins homestead, plans to head south no later than the end of May. ...more

Should I go or shouldn't I go? Do I really want to go? Do I really want to miss it? Do I still have anything in common with those people? I'm sure everyone has thoughts something like that. Well, I went to two of mine and two of my husband's. My class had 150 members, and my husband's had nearly 1,000. Here are some of my theories, opinions really, about the whole high school reunion. ...more

Yes, today is St. Patrick's Dayit's the day when you reach into the back of your closet for a green shirt or blouse; even a green tie or scarf will do"a time for the wearin' o' the green", as the Irish like to say. Today is that special day for playing Irish music, singing along while you pour yourself a cup of Irish Coffee or whipping up a simple Kerry Cake. ...more

Ubiquitous shamrocks and the color green bring to mind no other holiday than St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's Day, celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, offers us the chance to read about Ireland. The following is only a small selection of books from an enormous number dealing with this country and its culture. Many of these books are available at the Gleason Public Library or can be ordered through inter-library loan. ...more

As a person who curls up in the evening not with a novel but with a cookbook, I was happy to take on the assignment of reviewing The Best of Tastes, published recently by Concord Family Services. The cookbook is a compilation of recipes served in years past at "Tastes of Our Towns," an annual fundraiser presenting the work of chefs and caterers from throughout Greater Boston. ...more

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