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Friday, March 17, 2000


Police investigate school bomb threat

The Carlisle Police have been called in to investigate a matter of serious vandalism at the Carlisle Middle School. As stated in a letter from principal Andy Goyer and superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson that was sent home to all students on March 14, "Graffiti threatening the safety of the school appeared in the Wilkins boys' bathroom." According to police chief David Galvin, the graffiti threatened that "the school will be bombed on the 17

The March 14 letter further stated, "As soon as the graffiti was discovered, the police were called and teachers alerted. School counselors, administrators and the school psychologist created a plan of action. An assembly was held for all students in grades five through eight. Students were given the specifics of the situation and provided an opportunity to ask questions. It was made abundantly clear that there is zero tolerance for this type of behavior at the Carlisle Middle School and in our town."

Fox-Melanson said that the school is taking the vandalism very seriously and there is a security plan in place to ensure the safety of the students. This plan includes a search of backpacks, hand-held metal detectors, a police presence and a sweep of the building before anyone enters. The situation will be re-evaluated after Friday depending upon what information is found by then, said Fox-Melanson.

Galvin stated that the police were asked to investigate the matter as soon as it was discovered on Monday. They are currently working closely with school personnel and interviewing students. "It's inconvenient," said Fox-Melanson, "but we want to protect everyone's safety."

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