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Friday, March 17, 2000


Selectmen end interviews for administrator

After interviewing the last two finalists for town administrator in a public meeting last week, the selectmen are now trying to determine the best candidate for the job. In the course of the interviews, the board voiced their hopes for the future town administrator. Among the accomplishments the board wished to see over the next few years were better leadership of the town employees and more unification of the different town boards.

Douglas Meagher

Billerica resident Douglas Meagher has been assistant town administrator for the town of Concord for the past four years. Prior to that, Meagher served for two years as administrative assistant to the Concord police chief and served in various capacities on the Concord police force for 15 years before that. He has been an active participant in the preparation of the Concord budget and has primary responsibility for four departments. Meagher said that he leads by example, that he values a sense of humor and that he believes in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. He also felt that the town administrator needs to be actively involved in long range planning and needs to be extremely accessible to the public.

Terry Ackerman

Littleton resident Terry Ackerman has spent the bulk of her professional career in Sudbury, currently serving as that town's assistant town manager and also having served ten years as Sudbury's budget and personnel officer. Part of Ackerman's major duties was to prepare the financial information for Town Meeting, and she noted with pride that, after she took over this role, the discussion on the budget at Town Meeting was reduced from four days to less than an hour. Ackerman also stated that she is a strong facilitator and can bring people together to discuss their differences. She has an open door policy toward the public and hopes that her leadership will lead to more coordination among town departments and more teambuilding.

The selectmen have interviewed five candidates in total. The board had originally asked the search committee to review the resumes of the 25 applicants, conduct preliminary interviews and submit to the selectmen a short list of between three and five candidates for second round interviews.

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