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Friday, March 10, 2000


Three candidates for town administrator were each given one hour last week to tout their past accomplishments, explain their management style and test their chemistry with the board of selectmen. All this occurred under the scrutiny of a public meeting attended by many of the town employees the future administrator will direct. While the board emphasized that they want to have a new town administrator as soon as possible, the selectmen determined after an executive session on Monday morning that they will interview two more candidates before they make an offer. ...more

Contrary to what was happening in other parts of the country, or for that matter throughout most of the state, in Carlisle's Presidential Primary on Tuesday former Senator Bill Bradley came away with 349 votes (53 percent) to Vice-President Al Gore's 290 (44 percent) for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. As reported in the Boston Globe on Wednesday, Bradley did best among white, male voters with incomes over $100,000. ...more

Although the subdivision has not yet been approved, the March 2 public hearing on the possible sale of the town-owned lot on Carriage Way showed that many interests are already staking a claim on the proceeds. According to selectman Vivian Chaput, sale of the lot in the proposed development off East Riding Drive could net the town between $250,000 and $300,000. ...more

The same resident who struck fear into the hearts of residents and neighbors almost four years ago when he talked of constructing a cell towers is at it againonly this time, the plans seem more definite. In a telephone interview, longtime resident Dave Duren of 662 Bedford Road explained that he had signed a lease with AT&T Wireless so they can construct a 150-foot unlighted monopole on the rear of his Bedford Road property, behind the auto repair shop. The carrier is now in the process of compiling application materials and plans to submit them to the planning board and board of appeals within the next couple of weeks. ...more

The selectmen accepted "with gratitude" the grant of a conservation restriction by Fred Alden Rundlett on over 5.79 acres located at 732 West Street, excepting a building envelope for the existing single-family home and related outbuildings. The grantee is the Carlisle Conservation Foundation, Inc. ...more

At the February 29 meeting of the board of health, chair Steve Opolski stated, "We are not about to change our regulations. I don't sense any support from the board [of health] for changing our regulations." Board member Lisa Lewis added, "We have these standards, they apply to everybody. Now the town comes in, do we change?" This was in response to affordable housing engineer Phil Christensen's request for a waiver on garbage grinder (kitchen disposal) use. A septic system must be sized 50 percent larger, according to Carlisle regulations, than state regulations, to provide for use of a garbage grinder. Christensen wished to reduce the leaching field to that required by the state to minimize impact on the town-owned Conant Land. Town building committee member Ed Sonn explained that the affordable housing units would be rented so the town would have control to prevent the installation and use of garbage grinders. ...more

The board of selectmen asked the planning board to review the use of 7 School Street for business purposes. Attorney Howard Speicher attended both this and the previous planning board meetings to plead for Carlson Real Estate, the new occupants. Speicher explained that the realtors didn't know they needed a site plan review and have already moved into the antique home on the corner of Westford Street. ...more

When we last left David Erickson and his attorney Alex Parra, they had failed in their attempt to amend a common driveway special permit to allow two more houses on Swanson Lane. Erickson had submitted an ANR (Approval Not Required) plan for two additional lots on the common driveway, but town counsel decided that the ANR could not be endorsed because the parcels were deriving their frontage inside of the common driveway easement. The planning board voted against the common driveway amendment on February 14, but decided to keep the public hearing open until the February 28 meeting so that they could draft an opinion on why the amendment was denied. This also left the door open a crack for one last counter-proposal by Erickson and Parra. ...more

Reductions in next year's budget for Concord-Carlisle High School mean Carlisle will have less to fund in an override. School officials used a combination of budget cuts and additional state revenues to reduce the budget, but Carlisle voters will still be asked to approve a $92,000 override to fund the high school. ...more

A proposed community pool at CCHS will be sited in the area of the lowergym parking lot at CCHS. In addition to the pool, the two-story buildingis designed to have three community rooms for various activities for middleand high school students. ...more

A recent change in policy at Concord-Carlisle High School allows students playing varsity sports totravel with their families during vacations without being penalized formissing practices or games. Concord Superintendent Ed Mavragis made thechange this year to address concerns that more isbeing demanded by activities with less time for families. ...more

Carlisle Police Chief David Galvin is seeking information that will enable police to identify the owner of a dead ferret which was found in a Brook Street mailbox. The ferret was discovered in the mailbox early on the evening of March 2. The matter is under active investigation, said Galvin. Any resident who knows of a missing ferret should contact him at the Carlisle Police Station, 369-1155. ...more

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