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Friday, March 10, 2000


CCHS reduces budget but Carlisle override needed

Reductions in next year's budget for Concord-Carlisle High School mean Carlisle will have less to fund in an override. School officials used a combination of budget cuts and additional state revenues to reduce the budget, but Carlisle voters will still be asked to approve a $92,000 override to fund the high school.

The 17.3-percent increase in Carlisle's assessment for the high school was reduced from the 19-percent increase proposed in the original budget in January. The reduction, made at the request of Carlisle Finance Committee members, decreases Carlisle's share of the budget by $39,196. The revised budget now meets the Concord FinCom's guideline, eliminating an override request for the regional high school in Concord.

Carlisle's portion of the CCHS budget for FY01 is $2,718,217. According to Carlisle FinCom member Dave Ives, the guideline for the school was recently increased by the addition of $101,000 taken from the free cash account and surplus revenue. Now, the guideline for the high school in Carlisle's non-override budget is $2,626,217. The difference between Carlisle's share of the budget and the new FinCom guideline results in an override amount of $92,000.

Last year, Carlisle voters approved a $36,000 operating budget override for CCHS, the first operating budget override requested by the school since Proposition 2-1/2 became effective.

The steep increase for Carlisle this year is largely due to the recent jump in Carlisle's enrollment at the high school. The number of Carlisle students rose from 207 in 1998 to 244 in 1999, resulting in an increase in Carlisle's assessment ratio, which is based on the number of students attending the regional high school.

New revenue estimates used to reduce the budget, amount to $108,895 and include an increase in regional transportation aid from the state and an increase in Chapter 70 funding received from the state for regular education students. Concord Superintendent Ed Mavragis and school officials also cut $38,421 from the high school budget. The cuts included:

· $15,000 for driveway resurfacing which will be postponed,

· $10,000 for new administrative consultant services,

· $5,148 for an increase in department supplies and materials,

· $3,980 for an increase in staff development services which will now be level-funded,

· $2,350 for professional development,

· $1, 943 for an increase in clerical hours in the superintendent's office.

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