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Friday, March 10, 2000


Town gratefully accepts Rundlett conservation restriction on West St.

The selectmen accepted "with gratitude" the grant of a conservation restriction by Fred Alden Rundlett on over 5.79 acres located at 732 West Street, excepting a building envelope for the existing single-family home and related outbuildings. The grantee is the Carlisle Conservation Foundation, Inc.

The purposes of the conservation restriction are to assure that the premises will be retained in perpetuity predominantly in their natural, scenic and wooded condition and to prevent any use of the premises that will significantly impair or interfere with the conservation values of the premises. According to CCF representative Ken Harte, the grantor gave up the ability to construct a new house lot and access to back land.

As stated in the restriction, the conservation of the land will yield a significant public benefit. The land is located within and provides key linkage between other parcels of land within the "western corridor," an area identified by the town as important to preserve as undeveloped open space, according to the 1994 Open Space and Recreation Report of the Town of Carlisle. The parcel also includes a woodland pond and stream which may be viewed as a scenic area from West Street and which provides significant wildlife habitat. There are also several large cleaved granite boulders on the land, of potential historical significance.

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