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Friday, March 10, 2000


Bradley and McCain Top the List in Carlisle: Voters out in full force for Presidential Primary

Contrary to what was happening in other parts of the country, or for that matter throughout most of the state, in Carlisle's Presidential Primary on Tuesday former Senator Bill Bradley came away with 349 votes (53 percent) to Vice-President Al Gore's 290 (44 percent) for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. As reported in the Boston Globe on Wednesday, Bradley did best among white, male voters with incomes over $100,000.

On the Republican side, it was Senator John McCain's 619 (70 percent) to Governor George Bush's 242 (27 percent) that won the day. Alan Keyes garnered a mere 17 votes (2 percent), Gary Bauer 2, and Steve Forbes 3. Harry Browne won the 1 Libertarian vote.

Of the 3,081 registered voters in town, 1,541 (50 percent) filed in and out of Town Hall on a beautiful, early spring day to cast their ballots in what turned out to be an especially interesting and exciting primary election throughout the entire country. (In contrast, there were only 803 Carlise voters in the 1996 primary election.) This year however, Democrats cast 653 ballots, Republicans 886, Libertarians 1. It should be noted that many residents took the opportunity to change their party enrollment after voting, thus suggesting there may have been many crossover votes in this election.

In Carlisle, on the Democratic side,

Janet Beyer defeated Carol Mitchell 340 to 125 for State Committee Woman for the Fifth Middlesex District. Thomas Larkin, running unopposed, received 438 votes for State Committee Man for the Fifth Middlesex District. For the Republicans, Michael Regan defeated Peter Dulchinos 472 to 149 for State Committee Man, while Madeleine R. Gelsinon won 565 votes, unopposed, for State Committee Woman.

There were no town committee candidates submitted for the ballot, but there were 14 write-in candidates on the Democratic ballot who received a sufficient number of votes to become members. However, they have not accepted yet. There were two other write-ins. On the Republican ballot, there were five candidates with suficient votes and six other write-ins. There were no town committee write-ins on the Libertarian ballot.

According to town clerk Sarah Andreassen, voting day went smoothly without a hitch. For the first time, two police officers were on duty, one to control traffic coming in and out of Westford Street; the other to oversee the voting area. Andreassen praised the competent crew of evening ballot counters. Final results were announced at 9:10 p.m., the earliest ever for winding up an election day in Carlisle.

Republican Party Presidential Preference

Alan Keyes 17

George W. Bush 242

Gary Bauer 2

John McCain 619

Steve Forbes 3

Orrin Hatch 0

No Preference 0

Blanks 3

State Committee Man

Peter Dulchinos 149

Michael J. Regan 472

Blanks 265

State Committee Woman

Madeleine R. Gelsinon 565

Democratic Party Presidential Preference

Al Gore 290

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. 0

Bill Bradley 349

No Preference 7

State Committee Man

Thomas J. Larkin 438

Blanks 215

State Committee Woman

Janet M. Beyer 340

Carol Y. Mitchell 125

Libertarian Party Presidential Preference

Kip Lee 0

Harry Browne 1

Edison P. McDaniels, Sr. 0

Larry Hines 0

David Lynn Hollist 0

L. Neil Smith 0

No Preference 0

State Committee Man

No Candidate: 0

State Committee Woman

Laura El-Azem 1

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