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Friday, March 3, 2000


The selectmen closed the Warrant for the May 2 Annual Town Meeting with several requests for articles submitted from town boards, in addition to the normal budget and capital questions. ...more

"We're anticipating a large turnout" for Tuesday's Presidential Primary, town clerk Sarah Andreassen reported. As they will be in several New England states, the polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Clark Room of the Town Hall. ...more

A new real estate office in the heart of town may face some problems, judging from comments made at the February 22 board of selectmen meeting. Carlson Real Estate has proposed to open an office at 7 School Street, at the corner of Westford Street next to the BankBoston ATM. This antique home is located in the center business district where site plan approval is needed for the establishment or intensification of a business. ...more

"If it was easy, everybody would be doing it," said selectman Vivian Chaput in response to the housing authority's update on their proposal to build seven units of affordable housing on the Conant Land. In their presentation to the selectmen on February 22, housing authority chair Marty Galligan and advisor Ed Sonn relayed the basic message that, to do what they thought was right for the town in keeping the size of the development small, there was a tough row to hoe on finances. "There are tough issues with money," said Galligan, "but, all things considered, I think we're doing the right thing for Carlisle." ...more

At their February 23 meeting, the Carlisle Finance Committee voted new budget guidelines for FY01, which were to be reviewed with the board of selectmen on March 2 and distributed to town departments on March 3. ...more

On February 16, the Carlisle Finance Committee hosted representatives of the affordable housing and long-term capital requirements committees. Marty Galligan of the housing authority explained the group's plans for establishing affordable housing on the Conant Land. The long-term capital requirements committee (LTCRC) presented its wish list of major town expenditures. While the former received a sympathetic hearing, the LTCRC received approval for a "high priority" budget that came close to meeting its $135,000 budget target. ...more

The Wang-Coombs agricultural property purchased by the town last year is slated to receive a new name soon. The Carlisle Conservation Commission recommended and the selectmen approved formation of an ad hoc committee to seek public input as to an appropriate title for the land also sometimes referred to as "the Curve Street corn fields." The committee, which will include a representative from the Carlisle Conservation Foundation, the trails committee and ConsCom, will give taxpayers, who voted the money for the acquisition, an opportunity to give it a worthy designation. More information about the process will be forthcoming. ...more

Whether the town should appropriate an additional $20,000 for phase two of the water study on the O'Rourke Farm was debated by the selectmen on February 22. Initial tests identifying the location and extent of a potential water supply on the O'Rourke land are expected to be completed by the end of March, said Tricia Smith representing the water quality subcommittee. Phase two of the tests would concentrate on water quality. ...more

Cupid was conspicuously absent at the planning board meeting on Valentine's Day. Those attending were in no mood for romance and any love songs were overwhelmed by a sad rendition of "Hearts and Flowers." ...more

Steve Benz of Judith Nitsch Engineering Inc. was invited to present to the planning board the latest drainage designs for alternative stormwater management. At the February 14 meeting, Benz said he calls this "greener" storm drainage because it is less intrusive and produces a softer-looking field by mimicking natural processes. This comes after some recent criticism of board rules and regulations that require catch basins, piped drainage systems and granite curbs. The goal of "green" stormwater management is to minimize "built" systems and promote natural processes for infiltration and pollution abatement. ...more

A statistical inventory of all components in the Carlisle Public School's computer and technology profile has been compiled, thanks to technical integration specialist David Mayall. This profile was requested by the Massachusetts Department of Education. The compilation and assessment of the hardware must be in order for the school to be eligible for state funding. It also helps students and faculty in both the regular curriculum and special education programs make the best use of available equipment. ...more

The classes of Carlisle College have proved to be a tremendous success. These classes, a faculty development program for the teachers of the Carlisle Public School, meet for five afternoons, either on a Monday or a Thursday. For the last semester 34 people are registered for 36 slots and a schedule of eight courses began the week of February 7. The courses include Children's Literature in the Classroom taught by Liz Gray; HyperStudio taught by Kristin O'Brien; Systems Thinking Tools taught by Alan Ticotsky; Web Quests with Claris Home Page taught by David Mayall; Introduction to Italian taught by Nicole Baker; Literature through a Lens: Talking about Learning Disabilities taught by Susan Fitzgerald; Multi-media: Using the Tools taught by David Mayall; and a course called Write taught by Carolyn Platt. ...more

The Carlisle School Committee revisited its 1999/2000 system goals. In the detailed 25-page interim report, Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson highlighted the progress made towards achieving the goals and what still needs to be addressed. ...more

The selectmen requested comments from the planning board for a site plan review on the "change in use" proposed ...more

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