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Friday, March 3, 2000


TriPyramid, the company headed by Tim Eliassen of Virginia Farme Lane, played a major role in the new Hayden Planetarium in New York City. The American Museum of Natural History's new Rose Center for Earth and Space has just opened, with great media attention. The building is a giant sphere, 87 feet in diameter, enclosed in a seven-story high glass box. Eliassen's company, TriPyramid Structures, Inc., in Westford, provided the network of fine stainless steel rods and polished stainless hardware which holds up the huge panes of glass of the cube. ...more

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Think of winter and any New Englander thinks of snow! Whether it is the blustery cold, the ice-covered walkways, one inch of snow or twelve ­ winter weather defines our winter recreation. It would seem that the more things change in our age of technology, the more things stay the same! A hundred years ago, children anticipated ponds freezing over to try new skates and hills covered with snow to test their sleds. ...more

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