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Friday, March 3, 2000


Carlisle teachers teaching teachers

The classes of Carlisle College have proved to be a tremendous success. These classes, a faculty development program for the teachers of the Carlisle Public School, meet for five afternoons, either on a Monday or a Thursday. For the last semester 34 people are registered for 36 slots and a schedule of eight courses began the week of February 7. The courses include Children's Literature in the Classroom taught by Liz Gray; HyperStudio taught by Kristin O'Brien; Systems Thinking Tools taught by Alan Ticotsky; Web Quests with Claris Home Page taught by David Mayall; Introduction to Italian taught by Nicole Baker; Literature through a Lens: Talking about Learning Disabilities taught by Susan Fitzgerald; Multi-media: Using the Tools taught by David Mayall; and a course called Write taught by Carolyn Platt.

This group of courses has generated a great deal of interest in the Carlisle School and openings are available to the Concord School faculty. Teachers can receive credit for successful completion of these courses.

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