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Friday, March 3, 2000


Tuesday will be Presidential Primary day

"We're anticipating a large turnout" for Tuesday's Presidential Primary, town clerk Sarah Andreassen reported. As they will be in several New England states, the polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Clark Room of the Town Hall.

While the Primary in 1996 drew only 803 Carlisle voters, Andreassen predicts that the contests this year on both party tickets are likely to draw many more voters. On the Democratic ticket, Vice-President Al Gore has faced significant opposition from former Senator Bill Bradley, while the campaign for early Republican front-runner George W. Bush has been stunned by the advances of Senator John McCain.

Unenrolled voters may choose a Democratic, Republican or Libertarian ballot, but, in Massachussetts, others must take their registered party ballot. According to media reports, McCain has been grabbing the lion's share of the independent voters, so it will be interesting to see if Carlisle's 1,890 unenrolled voters follow that trend. As for the balance of the town's 3,175 registered voters, 675 are Democratic and 605 are Republican. The last date to change party enrollment was February 16. Unenrolled voters will become members of the party whose ballot they choose until they fill out the appropriate form, available upon exitting the polls.

In addition to the presidential candidate, voters will select a male and female state committee representative for the Fifth Middlesex District. This district now encompasses Bedford, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, part of Lexington, Lincoln, Sudbury, part of Waltham, Wayland and Weston.

Democratic Ballot

Former county commissioner Thomas Larkin of Bedford, a veteran member of the state committee, is unopposed for the male seat.

Janet Beyer, a Concord resident since 1966, is seeking the female state committee seat. Beyer has experience as both a paid staffer and volunteer on local campaigns, including staff member of Senator Fargo's 1998 campaign and two of Chet Atkins' campains for Congress. She was the second highest vote-getter in the last election to the Concord Democratic Committee where she has served as vice-chair. Beyer has also served on the Board of the League of Women Voters, as editor of the Massachusetts League's newspaper. She was one of the first women elected to the Concord Board of Appeals, served on the Concord Historical Commission for six years and editted Concord's Finance Committee report and Town Report. She has worked for her town's local paper since 1975 and now works part-time at the Concord Depot. "I know this district well, having lived in Middlesex Country for all but seven years of my life," she said. "I would like to bring this knowledge to the state."

Competing for the state female seat, former teacher and a journalist, Carol Mitchell has been a grassroots activist in the Democratic party for a number of years. She has served as media coordinator and field operator on numerous campaigns, including work on the Shannon O'Brien for treasurer and Mark Roosevelt for governor campaigns. A member of the Democratic Town Committee, she has been active in People Against Hanscom Expansion, the League of Women Voters and other community and educational organizations. Mitchell is a member of the Volks Players in Wayland and Concord Players. As founding secretary of Fifth Middlesex Area Democrats, Mitchell has served as editor of the organization's Fifth Middlesex Area Advocate which she began as a means to improve communication between the voters and those who represent them. The Advocate is no longer published and Mitchell believes communication within the party remains an issue. The role of the state committee representative, she said, should be to support grassroots efforts, contacting local committees and asking, "What can I do for you?" Due to the potential conflict of interest, she would like to see state committee members voluntarily step down if they choose to run for state office. A self-described liberal, Mitchell stated she is ardently pro-choice and against the death penalty.

Republican Ballot

Madeleine R. Gelsinon of Sudbury is running unopposed for the female state committee seat.

Seeking the male seat, Peter Dulchinos has lived in Chelmsford for almost 40 years. He been active on the Chelmsford Republican Town Committee for many years and is currently vice-chair. He has served on the Chelmsford Board of Health for over 21 years and is a former Nashoba Valley Technical High School committee member. He serves on the statewide advisory for the Department of Mental Health and as chair of Trustees for Medfield State Hospital. Dulchinos describes himself philosophically as "inclusive, believing in the big tent" where all are welcome. He has been active in local, state and national Republican campaigns and received endorsements from Governor Paul Celucci and Representative Carol Cleven. Dulchinos is an intellectual property attorney for Raytheon.

Also seeking the male seat on the state committee, Michael Regan, a Concord resident of eight years, has been on the Concord Republican Town Committee for three years and worked on the Dean Cavaratta for Representative and Tom Healy for Senate campaigns. Pointing out that he has not held an elective office, Regan believes this makes him a good candidate with a fresh perspective. Concerned about the support for the Republican Party, he believes it needs " a new, younger voice....We need more people and we need to talk about topics people are interested in," such as schools, health care and the infrastructure. Employed in the insurance brokerage business, Regan runs construction services for Mazonson. He has coached sports teams and been active at Saint Bernard's Church.

Town committee members

In the past, voters have also chosen from a number of listed town committee members, however this year no individuals are listed on the ballot. The name, adress and an "X" must be written in to vote for a candidate and eligible candidates must have been registered party members since August 1999.

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