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Friday, March 3, 2000


Warrant for May 2 Annual Town Meeting closed

The selectmen closed the Warrant for the May 2 Annual Town Meeting with several requests for articles submitted from town boards, in addition to the normal budget and capital questions.

Planning board

The planning board submitted five articles. The first would change the senior residential open space community bylaw to increase the maximum floor area of a dwelling unit (currently 1,400 square feet) and to reduce the minimum age for a resident from 62 to 55. The second would amend the conservation cluster bylaw to better serve the purposes of the bylaw based upon recent experience of the board in granting special permits for this use. The third would expand the site plan review requirements to include all non-residential uses, including municipal uses. (The section currently applies only to commercial uses in nonresidential areas.) The fourth article would provide for improved control of irregularly shaped residential lots, and the fifth article would make a technical correction to the cell tower bylaw.

Housing authority

The housing authority submitted a request for three articles relating to the proposed seven-unit affordable housing development on the Conant Land. First, the authority will request that the town accept the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 40, section 15A, which allows land to be transferred from one town entity to another for a different town purpose. When the new purpose is affordable housing, the transfer requires only a majority vote. The second article would authorize the change in use of a portion of the Conant Land from the purposes stated in the original deed to affordable housing purposes. The third would authorize the lease of the land to the entity which will actually construct and manage the affordable housing units. There was also some discussion at the selectmen's meeting last week about requesting $12,000 to $15,000 for consulting and professional fees to complete grant applications.

BOH, ConsCom, RecCom

The board of health has requested three articles. The first would request an additional $20,000 for engineering and consulting fees associated with the O'Rourke Land water study. The other two relate to the revolving funds for board of health permit fees and transfer station fees.

The conservation commission has requested four articles. The first would ask the town to accept the Open Space and Recreation Plan, revised in 2000. The second relates to the revolving fund for wetland bylaw fees. The third would ask the town to accept the gift, already granted, of Lot 10 in the Tall Pines subdivision. The fourth is a placeholder relating to a deposit to the conservation fund.

The recreation commission requested three placeholders for Warrant articles. The first would increase the size of the RecCom from five to seven members. The second would accept a donation of a van to the town recreation program as a town vehicle. The third would appropriate money to cover unanticipated cost increases in the mowing bid for the Spalding and Banta-Davis fields.

Sale of town land

The selectmen indicated that they would place two items on the Warrant relating to the potential sale of the town-owned lot off East Riding Drive.

Capital requests

With respect to capital items, Lenny Johnson of the long-term capital requirements committee prioritized town needs to keep within the $135,000 expectation of the finance committee.

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