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Friday, February 18, 2000


In a page-and-a-half Title IX report on the investigation of a complaint that a student was sexually harassed by middle school teacher Steve Bober in 1984, Carlisle School Title IX officer Dr. Linda Stapp found that the "behaviors described do not constitute sexual harassment." The Carlisle School Committee heard the report on February 8. In a telephone interview, Stapp clarified that this "current investigation" was a response to a formal complaint she had received in December 1999. The report, signed and dated February 4, is as follows: ...more

A bill is about to be submitted to the state legislature which would significantly change the process of siting cell towers in Carlisle and which would arguably undercut some of the safeguards built into the new town bylaw. Drafted by the Massachusetts Municipal Association in conjunction with the wireless communications industry as a compromise to a legislative stand-off, the bill has generated immediate opposition by advocates of local control but is staunchly defended by the MMA as a positive step for municipalities. ...more

The Carlisle Housing Authority is proceeding with plans to site five to seven units of affordable housing on the Conant Land off Rockland Road. On February 9, the group addressed several areas, including possible sources of financing, the types of units to be constructed and the steps needed to get approval from the town for transfer of the land on which to build. ...more

Conservationists were pleased to announce that landowner Charles Dexter signed an option agreement with the Trust for Public Lands (TPL) on Tuesday which will allow 234 acres to be preserved rather than developed. ...more

The Carlisle Public School sent the town financial leadership home happy on February 8 when school representatives told a joint meeting of the finance committee and board of selectmen that the school could cut roughly $60,000 from its budget. School committee member Paul Morrison emphasized that the cut would not require any staff reductions but would require families with children who attend the Carlisle Public School, and others who use the school facilities, to pay higher fees for certain services. ...more

Poised between routine fiscal responsibility and the specter of overrides, on February 9, the finance committee reviewed and approved budgets for the town clerk, elections and registration, the recreation commission, the board of assessors and the Gleason Public Library. ...more

"We're putting this (repair) in with a shoe horn," explained engineer Bert Hamill in the February 8 public hearing on a septic system repair at 43 Partridge Lane. Hamill requested six waivers for the septic design because of the tight space. When asked by board of health chair Steve Opolski if he was sure of the property boundaries, Hamill replied affirmatively. Hamill said that he was a licensed surveyor as well as engineer, and had personally surveyed the land. ...more

Likening it to motherhood and apple pie, on February 8, the selectmen unanimously approved a resolution to increase recycling and reduce waste generation in Massachusetts. In so doing, the board followed the advice of Dave Comstock, chair of Carlisle's household waste committee. Comstock told the selectmen that the Commonwealth did not reach the statewide goal of a 46 percent recycling rate by the year 2000, although Carlisle came close at 43 percent. Massachusetts as a whole only achieved 34 percent. ...more

The Carlisle School's proposed level service budget for the FY'01 is $6,3776,507, a 10.48 percent increase over the realigned FY00 budget. This is a sum already committed for teacher salaries and busing contracts, mandated services and projected enrollment increases. Even with the help of an override and an anticipated transfer from free cash, the school bill will be approximately $60,000 short. As Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said, "We don't have enough money. It is reasonable to proceed to support the FinCom plan, but we will need to look for other ways to find revenue. I am not prepared at this time to tell where we are going to get the cuts." ...more

As part of the overall plan to reposition Minuteman Regional High School for the 21 ...more

"The level of students' physical, emotional, social and intellectual health and well-being is strongly linked to academic success." This statement is from the report of the Carlisle Public School's physical education and health department which includes faculty members Margaret Heigl, Philip LaPalme, Lynne Carmel and nurse Kathy Horan. ...more

Two Carlisle teachers have been selected for inclusion in the sixth edition of Who's Who Among America's Teachers 2000. This honor comes from former students who feel that a teacher has "made a difference in his or her life." Fourth-grade teacher Geraldine Madigan was nominated by high school senior Megan Miller and physical education teacher Philip LaPalme was nominated by Ross Jones, also a senior. The letter of commendation from the publisher of Who's Who states that only 2.5 percent of the nation's elementary school teachers are honored in the publication. ...more

The Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC) members met earlier this month and heard statistics to support a fact that they knew only too well: development around Route 495 is taking place "on a fairly aggressive schedule." ...more

Police dispatcher Greg Martin helped deliver a premature valentine early last Monday morning. At 4:07 a.m. Martin received a call from a resident saying his wife was in labor and birth was imminent. Martin pulled out the Emergency Medical Dispatch handbook he had used last June in a similar emergency, and talked the father through the procedure. Everything happened so fast that little Max Cole arrived before medical and police personnel. ...more

On Monday, February 14, a seventh-grade student at the Carlisle School collapsed during gym class. She was transported to Emerson Hospital and evaluated. She was then taken to Children's Hospital. She experienced a leaking blood vessel in her brain and, on Wednesday, she underwent surgery. ...more

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