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Friday, February 18, 2000


Student collapses at Carlisle School

On Monday, February 14, a seventh-grade student at the Carlisle School collapsed during gym class. She was transported to Emerson Hospital and evaluated. She was then taken to Children's Hospital. She experienced a leaking blood vessel in her brain and, on Wednesday, she underwent surgery.

Emergency crews responded quickly after the 8:42 to the police dispatcher about the 13-year-old girl. At that time, they believed it was a seizure. Sergeant Leo Crowe and Officer Steven Mack arrived at the scene at 8:45 a.m and deputy fire chief and emergency medical technician Dave Flannery, who works at the school, responded shortly thereafter. The fire department arrived at 8:50 a.m. and advanced life support was on the scene six minutes later.

School administrators have sent multiple letters home with middle school students, held class meetings to reassure students that her illness was not a result of anything that happened at gym class and provided counseling staff to those who needed special attention.

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