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Friday, February 18, 2000


Selectmen sign on to recycling plan

Likening it to motherhood and apple pie, on February 8, the selectmen unanimously approved a resolution to increase recycling and reduce waste generation in Massachusetts. In so doing, the board followed the advice of Dave Comstock, chair of Carlisle's household waste committee. Comstock told the selectmen that the Commonwealth did not reach the statewide goal of a 46 percent recycling rate by the year 2000, although Carlisle came close at 43 percent. Massachusetts as a whole only achieved 34 percent.

A new ten-year solid waste plan is now being written, and the resolution signed by the selectmen urges the Department of Environmental Protection to include the following: aggressive waste reduction with the goal of reducing waste by at least 20 percent by 2010; increased state funding for local recycling programs with the goal of increasing the state recycling rate to more than 50 percent; and a commitment to pursue "extended producer responsibility" programs that will require manufacturers to take financial responsibility for the collection of used products to take this unfunded mandate off the towns.

According to Comstock, the waste disposal industries are lobbying the governor for more trash handling facilities in the form of landfills and incinerators to meet projected waste requirements for the next decade.

"We know that Carlisle saves money with recycling," wrote Comstock in materials submitted to the board. "In 1998, Carlisle had a 'cost avoidance' in excess of $100,000. We saved money by being paid for our recyclables or, if we had to pay a fee for recycling a commodity, it was less than the tipping fee at NESWC [Northeast Solid Waste Committee facility]."

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