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Friday, February 18, 2000


Campaign is underway to preserve 234-acre parcel on Carlisle line

Conservationists were pleased to announce that landowner Charles Dexter signed an option agreement with the Trust for Public Lands (TPL) on Tuesday which will allow 234 acres to be preserved rather than developed.

The parcel is located off Carlisle Road in Acton, abutting the Carlisle town line and Carlisle landowners off West Street, Log Hill and Woodland Roads. It is also contiguous to 400 acres of Acton town landthe Spring Hill conservation area and Camp Acton. As TPL New England project manager David Santomenna said, "If completed, a 630-acre tract of protected land is a significant assemblage."

The parcel has an appraised value of $9.63 million. Santomenna explained that he is anticipating that the town of Acton will be asked to vote $6.8 million at their April Town Meeting and a private fundraising campaign would hopefully net $1 million. "So, the purchase price of $7.8 million is a fair amount below fair market value," Santomenna said.

The preliminary engineering plans show that the property would support 124 houses, according to Santomenna.Carlisle Conservation Foundation director Heidi Haring pointed out that, if developed, there could be a very large sewage treatment plant located near Carlisle's border. She also pointed to the devopment's potential impact on traffic and private rural tracts in the area.

TPL is a national non-profit group which works with towns, cities, states and other non-profit groups to conserve land. They were approached by the Acton Conservation Trust. Both the Carlisle Conservation Foundation and Sudbury Valley Trustees will join forces on the project.

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