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Friday, February 11, 2000


Board of health declines participation in tobacco project

Stating that the board of health might be "committing to a bunch of nonsense," chair Steve Opolski set the tone for the board to deny participation in a tobacco study being conducted by the town of Westford. Tobacco use among teens would be the subject of the study and some education would be included. Westford would provide a "circuit rider" person to come into the town, set up the study and organize the results. Funding would be provided by a four-year grant, and Westford wanted to include Carlisle to increase its database.

At their February 2 meeting, the board was not clear on how things would continue after the grant expired, or how valuable the results would be. Member Laura Semrad, who is an oncology nurse, said that tobacco education is not very helpful because developing minors are not concerned with long-term health issues. She commented that there are no restaurants in town to police and the only source of tobacco is the home or Daisy's Market.

Board agent Linda Fantasia thought that the board should become more proactive in some areas but concluded that "this might not be the right or perfect one to do."

One underground tank left

The resident of 20 Old East Street has the distinction of being the only known person left in town with an old underground oil tank. Since the board of health regulations called for underground tank removal or replacement by December 1998, the resident has claimed she cannot conform because of financial reasons. The board of health, with the town counsel's blessing, is about to draft a letter to her explaining the consequences of her inaction.

Fantasia said that this resident "is the only one we are aware of" with a delinquent underground tank. There were a number of people who had removed their tanks that were not listed in the board of health records, according to Fantasia.

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