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Friday, February 4, 2000


School library puts spotlight on information literacy, outdated books

Carlisle School library media specialist Sandy Kelly, who is in her first year at the school, reported on the program's strengths and weaknesses. At the January 18 school committee meeting, Kelly explained that the library is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily for the students. As well as coming with their classes, students can ask for a library pass that allows them to visit during their lunch/recess time.

Kelly talked about the importance of information literacy, that is, knowing how to find and use information. She said she is integrating information literacy skills into the classroom curricula by working with the classroom teachers. She wants students to learn how to use many resources, including books and the Internet.

Kelly reported that the school's total collection numbers 18,000 books; however the average copyright date is 1979. According to state standards, 70 percent of the books should be no more than ten years old, she said. She was particularly concerned that the collection of science and technology books has many that are outdated. As an example, she read from a book that said, "Some day men will land on the moon." Social studies is another area where books need to be up to date. She has purchased some new reference books and a new 2000 World Book Encyclopedia, she said.

A school library advisory group has been formed to do long-range planning and pursue state funding, Kelly said. The group includes Kelly, school business manager Eileen Riley, CSC member Harry Crowther, Gleason Library director Ellen Rauch, and the school's technology integration specialist David Mayall.

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