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Friday, February 4, 2000


Supervisor suggests higher fees for school facility use

In his report about the use of Carlisle School buildings, supervisor of buildings and grounds David Flannery said that the rental fees charged to facility users need to be increased to cover costs. Flannery explained at the January 18 school committee meeting that the rates now in effect were set ten years ago. He noted that the fees for the exercise room and the music room, in particular, were too low to cover the associated costs.

User fees are not charged to school and school-affiliated programs, such as the after-school music program and Cub Scouts. Nor are they charged to town or town-affiliated programs, such as recreation commission programs or Town Meeting. Local nonprofit organizations such as the Carlisle Extended Day program and the Savoyard Light Opera Company are charged user fees. For-profit or non-local groups would be charged the fee as well, but there have been no users in those categories recently. Outside of normal custodial hours, all users are charged for a custodial special detail.

The after-school music program is growing as school enrollment increases, and finding space for the lessons is becoming more of a problem, Flannery said. The two hours right after school are the most difficult for scheduling since the teachers are generally still using their classrooms. Looking at the wide range of groups that use the buildings after school and on weekends, CSC chair David Dockterman commented that the school "is really a community facility."

The school committee did not take any action on Flannery's report.


CSC member Cindy Nock reported that the Concord school's calendar committee wanted to look at aligning the Concord and Carlisle school calendars for next year. However, she said that Concord would like Carlisle to change its schedule to match Concord's. Nock added that she did not know how big a concern it was for parents to have the high school and elementary school calendars be the same. Concord is planning to start the next school year on September 7, she said. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson commented that the Carlisle School would be starting earlier than that, probably on September 5.

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