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Friday, January 28, 2000


Faulty gas regulators allowed gas to leak into the crowded Corey dining room on Monday night and force the evacuation of the Cub Scouts and parents attending the annual Pinewood Derby. Prompt response by supervisor of buildings and grounds David Flannery, who is also the fire department's deputy chief, avoided a potentially dangerous situation. ...more

On January 19, a Middlesex grand jury indicted four Concord-Carlisle High School students on charges of allegedly videotaping sex with a female student. Israel Rodas-Torres, 17, of Commonwealth Avenue in Concord, Remy Cotard, 18, of Boston, Jeffrey Finch, 17, of Jamaica Plain, and Tyrone Lewis-Grant, 17, of Boston, were charged on separate counts of posing a child in a state of nudity, posing a child engaged in sexual conduct and violation of the wiretap statute. Rodas-Torres was also charged with possession of visual material of a child depicted in sexual conduct, dissemination of visual material depicting a child in a state of nudity, and dissemination of visual material depicting a child engaged in sexual conduct. A fifth student, a juvenile under the age of 17, was not indicted but will face charges in juvenile district court in Concord. ...more

To sustain existing programs, provide mandated special education services and accommodate enrollment growth for FY01, the Carlisle Public Schools will need $258,803 more than the 6 percent guideline allotted, the school committee told the finance committee at a January 19 budget hearing. Superintendent DavidaFox-Melanson told the FinCom that although "we understand the town's budget constraints, we couldn't conform to [the guideline]" and provide the same level of service at the school. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission has received the unwelcome news that their colleague Tricia Smith has tendered her resignation. As a five-year veteran, and the only environmental engineer on the board, Smith will be hard to replace. ...more

The town received 24 applications for the town administrator position, to be vacated by David DeManche who submitted his resignation last December. The town administrator search committee now has the task of whittling that list down to three candidates whom the selectmen will interview before making the final choice. ...more

The Chelmsford Conservation Commission displayed considerable skepticism about the Barnes Terrace well proposal at a January 18 public hearing on the Chelmsford Water District's pumping application. This second of what promises to be a lengthy series of continuations was called for the express purpose of completing the district's first-pass responses to questions raised about the impact on the wetland complex of which Carlisle's Cranberry Bog is a major feature. Present, in addition to interested Chelmsford citizens, were Carlisle selectmen John Ballantine and Doug Stevenson, four members of the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) and Carlisle Cranberries president Mark Duffy. ...more

The municipal land committee (MLC) is like the embodiment of the chat room on the Carlisle web site. This diverse group from the various town boards and committees brings to the table whatever strikes their fancy without being constrained by an agenda. Planning board representative Mike Abend said it best after the January 20 meeting, "We discuss issues related to municipal land so that we'll be prepared when the time comes." ...more

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