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Friday, January 28, 2000


Author Eli H. Newberger, M.D. demonstrated ingenuity by interspersing his words of wisdom with jazz cuts at his January 19 lecture. The talk, sponsored by the Concord Bookshop, highlighted pointers for nurturing boys from Newberger's recent book, The Men They Will Become. About 200 people attended, with men comprising almost 40 percent of the audience. ...more

The Carlisle School's fine arts curriculum now includes visual arts, general music, instrumental music and choral music. Some arts activities are interdisciplinary, but the arts staff emphasized in their January 19 presentation before the school committee that their primary goal is to "develop the students' literacy in the arts themselves." ...more

It's Wednesday morning at the Carlisle Mosquito, the busiest time of the week for those of us who lay out the newspaper. Pages are lined up on the layout boards; the proofers are going over articles making last minute corrections; photographs are being sized, and then someone asks, "What about Raftery's cartoon?" ...more

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