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Friday, January 21, 2000


Public works budget on track

By cutting $5,000 from the road construction and maintenance account for next year, supervisor of public works Gary Davis was able to present a budget to the selectmen that squeaked under the 1.4 percent guideline set by the finance committee.

Of all the town department budgets reviewed by the selectmen so far, the department of public works budget, with a 1.39 percent increase, is the only department to meet its FinCom guideline. In order to do so, Davis opted to give staff a three-percent salary increase and cut the maintenance account. The board of selectmen agreed with this trade-off and voted to accept the budget and defend it at the FinCom budget hearing.

Recent reductions in Chapter 90 funds

The $5,000 would have paid for roadside brush cutting and some drainage projects, said Davis. He explained that he was able to catch up on road construction and maintenance over the last few years using Chapter 90 funds received from the state. If recent reductions in Chapter 90 funding continue, the impact will be felt within the next two to three years, predicted Davis, at which point the town will have to put "serious money" into road maintenance. Because more state money this year is being diverted to Boston's central artery project, "the Big Dig," Carlisle and other cities and towns received only two-thirds of the Chapter 90 funding received last year.

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