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Friday, January 14, 2000


Carlisle School's new sexual hararassment policy

A sexual harassment policy and complaint procedure for students was adopted by the Carlisle School Committee on September 21, 1999. This policy is an update of a four-page, 1993 policy. It is referred to in the Carlisle School Handbook and is sent home to every parent in the summer packet. However, this school year, it was sent out in a separate mailing in October.

The new document states that sexual harassment violates the policies of the Carlisle School District and also violates the law, specifically Title 9 and General Laws Chapter 151C. A complaint needs to be put in writing so there will be no misunderstanding as to the nature of the complaint.

The policy states that the informal procedure will be completed within five school days from the date the Title 9 officer receives the complaint. The formal procedure will be completed within 20 days of the date the complaint is filed with the Title 9 officer. On another level, the decision can be appealed in writing within 15 days and the decision to this appeal must be provided within 30 days.

Individuals also have the right to seek a remedy from the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and the Office of Civil Rights for the U.S. Department of Education. According to MCAD, all complaints must be filed within six months. The federal limit for filing a complaint is 180 days.

In a phone conversation, Carlisle School's Title 9 officer Linda Stapp said, "I am not aware of time limitations on the state and federal level, but as a professional I would follow up on any complaint even beyond the six-month limitation."

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