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Friday, January 14, 2000


Bingham Road lot gains ConsCom approval second time around

Theodore Mark of Concord Street gained approval of a second-round Notice of Intent for home construction on a lot off Bingham Road at the January 6 meeting of the conservation commission. The structure will be located directly behind the existing house, barn and swimming pool, and will be sold to a family member. The Marks were represented by engineer John Boardman of David Ross Associates who displayed the specifications for a "very tight lot." The plans showed a building footprint totally within the 100-foot buffer zone of the surrounding wetlands, but at least 35 feet from the delineated edge of the resource area at its closest point. The septic system, which had received an affirmative nod from the board of health, is totally outside the buffer.

Noting the existence of steep slopes, Boardman assured the commission that they would be maintained and that he was aiming for minimum disturbance of the natural contours. Also, the tree line along Bingham Road would be preserved. Questioned about present use of the old poultry barn, he said it is used for storage, and is "in pretty good shape."

After conservation administrator Katrina Proctor reported on her inspection of the site, which is "mostly forested wetland" abutting Towle Field in the rear, the board closed the public hearing and issued a standard order of conditions.

Water softener waste

Kathy Coyle of Maple Street came before the commission seeking advice on safe disposal of backwash from a water softener filter. She had been told to run the waste into her septic system, but was reluctant to do so. Proctor said that her fears were justified, since this method of disposal is banned under Title 5 regulations. Guessing that "there are a lot of systems done that way in Carlisle," Coyle asked what the commission would recommend. The query led to a discussion of the whole issue of "gray water."

Commissioners Tricia Smith and Jo Rita Jordan were concerned at what they saw as a possible threat to the environment. Smith said she now recommends running it into a dry well, but Jordan feared even that might not solve the problem, because the salts involved are completely water soluble.

Proctor informed the obviously non-plused group that board of health agent Linda Fantasia had said that body is reconsidering the problem. In short, Coyle, an ardent environmentalist, is on her own for the present.

Ice Pond Estates

It appears that all concerned with the Ice Pond Estates development can now write "finis" to long-running problems between the developers and ConsCom over Aberdeen Drive construction. The commission heard environmental engineer Richard Westcott, the original designer of the project, describe the rocky history following his 1986 departure. Representing a present Aberdeen Drive homeowner who had discovered the lack of a Certificate of Compliance, he advised the board that three discrepancies he discovered between the Order of Conditions and the present situation were minor. The wetland replication looked healthy, and he felt he could responsibly recommend issuance of the desired document.

That certificate granted, the commission later authorized similar documents for three unrelated lots in the Tall Pines subdivision.

FY01 budget issues

Proctor introduced a brief discussion of budget issue, in view of the 1.4 percent Carlisle Finance Committee cap on increases for the next fiscal year. She reported that board of health chair Steve Opolski had asked for support from other board chairmen in seeking reconsideration of the cap, because FinCom ignored pending recommendations from the town's wage and classification subcommittee.

Commissioners Carolyn Kiely and John Lee felt strongly that Proctor needs clerical help so she can get her important field work accomplished. Attempts to hire even minimal secretarial assistance at the existing pay rate have proven futile. Therefore, the board will submit two budgets, the first recognizing the cap and the second reflecting the personnel board's report on reclassification.

Request for fine reduction

Before the commission went into executive session, Proctor distributed a letter from Ralph Anderson requesting discussion of his petition for reconsideration and "drastic reduction" of the fine levied against former resident Jonathan Sachs last year. The board did not take up the communication.

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