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Friday, January 7, 2000


Early in the Carlisle School Committee meeting on December 21, as many as 40 people, including 26 teachers from the Carlisle Public School, one resident of Westford and residents of Carlisle, heard that the school committee had received a letter from Carlisle middle school teacher, Stephen Bober and a copy was handed to the Mosquito reporter. (See letter on page 9) ...more

Five Concord-Carlisle High School students face a felony charge for allegedly videotaping sex with a 16-year-old female student. The students were arraigned in Concord District Court on December 14 on a charge of posing or exhibiting a child under 18 in a state of nudity or sexual contact. ...more

Cranberry Bog farmer Mark Duffy gave the Chelmsford Conservation Commission and representatives of the Chelmsford Water District some stern statistics to factor into existing calculations on the likely impact of a proposed well field upstream of Carlisle's bog. The public hearing he addressed on December 21 was considering an application from the privately-run Chelmsford water district to locate six wells with a cumulative daily pumping capacity of 350,000 gallons in the Chelmsford portion of the Cranberry Bog Reservation. After listening intently for over an hour as the Chelmsford ConsCom quizzed water district managers on their proposal for solving water supply problems in South Chelmsford, Duffy requested time to explain the nature and extent of his irrigation requirements at the cranberry farm. ...more

January ...more

Carlisle's efforts to prepare for Y2K paid off and the year 2000 arrived uneventfully. Police Chief David Galvin said that he had put on additional patrol and dispatch staff, but that no unusual events occurred and that the booms reported around the midnight hour appeared to come from Lexington. Those provident residents who had water containers and flashlights ready awoke to find electricity on and water and furnaces running normally. Most people thankfully plugged their computers in again and went on enjoying the long weekend. ...more

The Carlisle Board of Health approved revised subdivision regulations and appointed a board physician at its last meeting of the year on December 14. Chair Steve Opolski and new member Lisa Davis Lewis dealt with a full agenda that evening which included two additional public hearings and rulings on six septic plans. ...more

by Dave Ives ...more

Stunned at the price tag for membership, the board of selectmen on December 28 signed a resolution protesting the inclusion of Carlisle in the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA). ...more

"Auld lang syne" was not forgotten when the board of selectmen convened for the last few times in 1999. At those meetings the board followed through with items voted from the Annual Town Meeting and made progress on other items brewing on the back burner for several months. ...more

Hanscom Field is part of a regional air transportation system which Massport sees as taking the pressure of small corporate and commercial aircraft off Logan Airport and which cannot accommodate much more air traffic than is currently there. This was the opinion of the spokesmen from Massport who attended the December 14 selectmen's meeting at the request of the board in response to concerns from River Road resident Kathleen Mayer about increased noise and pollution from the increase in commercial air traffic at the field. ...more

With barely enough time to take a breath after tax bills were due, the selectmen were already estimating the amount of the next tax override after the first budget meeting on December 28. The alternative, however, according to the budgets presented was to face a depletion of essential town services since the fire, police, communications and building departments all came in over guidelines set by the finance committee. ...more

The Carlisle Finance Committee has notified administrators that the Carlisle Public School has a budget guideline with a six percent increase for next year and that the Carlisle portion for the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District has a nine- percent guideline. The FinCom hearing on the Carlisle School's FY01 budget will be January 19 in the Town Hall. ...more

Recent results from the spring 1999 Massachussetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests taken by grade 10 students at Concord-Carlisle Regional High School are similar to 1998 test scores, according to Concord Assistant School Superintendent Karen Nerpouni. The annual tests given by the state Department of Education (DOE) are different from year to year. Student scores are placed into the categories of advanced, proficient, needs improvement or failing. A student must score at least in the needs improvement category with a score of 220 to pass a test. This year's results were recently mailed to parents of students who took the tests. ...more

The kindergarten task force is beginning to explore the structure of the current kindergarten program in order to determine whether adding additional time would enable teachers to enhance the experience for every child. The current schedule offers a half-day program in the fall and two full days in the spring. ...more

The Chelmsford Water District's plan to locate six wells with a 350,000-gallon per day pumping capacity on that town's portion of the Cranberry Bog Reservation has certainly gotten the attention of Carlisle officialdom. After individual members of the Carlisle Conservation Commission attended a Chelmsford Conservation Commission walk at the Barnes Terrace well site and heard a preliminary presentation of the district's proposal at Chelmsford Town Hall, they sought Cranberry Bog farmer Mark Duffy's reaction at their December 16 meeting. ...more

"Roundtables and ResourcesCommunity Approaches to Domestic Violence" was held at the Carlisle Congregational Church on December 15 and featured members from three community roundtables, the Massachusetts Medical Society and the Middlesex District Attorney's Office. ...more

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