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Friday, January 7, 2000

A note of thanks for the New Year

To the Editor:

Approximately this time last year, I stepped off my roof and ended up flat on my back on the deck below. Within a few minutes there were police and volunteer paramedics comforting me, strapping me to a board and offering me a ride in our new ambulance. They were quick, kind and very professional in getting me to the hospital. This was not the first time I had use of this and other services provided by our town. Years past, a similar service was provided to my brother who had an accident while visiting us. On one occasion the volunteer fire department also quickly came to put out a car fire. Finally, I have always found the police to not only be paid town protectors but fellow citizens willing to help you when they could. In addition to the above examples of their helping me, there was, the time I was returning to town late at night and my car came to a stop on the slope across from the fire station. I looked up and saw the flashing lights of a police car coming up behind me. As I was frantically looking for my registration and drivers license, the first words I heard from the officer as he approached the car were, "Can I help you?" What a comforting greeting! I told him my problem and he volunteered to help get the car off the road and alert others as to why it was there. I felt very grateful for this blue-uniformed, fellow citizen. I want to thank him as well as all the other officers, the volunteer firemen and paramedics for the services they provided me over the years and wish them a safe and happy New Year.

Thomas Dunkers
East Street

Christmas carols past

To the Editor:

Thank you for participating in the Christmas Eve Carols on the Green. This is just a reminder to return all music promptly. A B-flat Cornet and C part plus the original Salvation Army 1st Cornet Booklet were not returned this season. Someone returned 1997 last summer, however, so there is hope.

Walt Woodward
South Street

Thanks from holiday party organizer

To the Editor:

On Friday night, the 17th of December, we had a wonderful time at Union Hall! The Holiday Party was a great success with my sincere thanks to Santa and his Carlisle elves, Mary Roberts and her piano wonders, Concord Rental and L'Alouette Bakery. A huge thank you goes to all the parents who brought cookies and juices! We donated two big platters of "leftovers" to the police department and the fire department that night. A special thank you to Honorary Elf Patty Geoffroy, Junior Elves Sam Hankey, Andrew, Katey, and William Platt, who added the "Merry" to the party! We donated seventy gifts to the Carlisle Police Department's gift drive for children. We will definitely repeat this event next year!

Sam Coursey
Westford Street

P.S. Thank you to my husband Dan who is usually a silent, but constant helper!

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