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Friday, January 7, 2000

While most people spent New Year's Eve very earth-boundperhaps even couch-boundmore than 40 intergalactic space beings descended on the Cross Street home of Betsy and Steve Kendall to blast off into the new millennium. ...more

Early in the Carlisle School Committee meeting on December 21, as many as 40 people, including 26 teachers from the Carlisle Public School, one resident of Westford and residents of Carlisle, heard that the school committee had received a letter from Carlisle middle school teacher, Stephen Bober and a copy was handed to the Mosquito reporter. (See letter on page 9) ...more

Five Concord-Carlisle High School students face a felony charge for allegedly videotaping sex with a 16-year-old female student. The students were arraigned in Concord District Court on December 14 on a charge of posing or exhibiting a child under 18 in a state of nudity or sexual contact. ...more

Cranberry Bog farmer Mark Duffy gave the Chelmsford Conservation Commission and representatives of the Chelmsford Water District some stern statistics to factor into existing calculations on the likely impact of a proposed well field upstream of Carlisle's bog. The public hearing he addressed on December 21 was considering an application from the privately-run Chelmsford water district to locate six wells with a cumulative daily pumping capacity of 350,000 gallons in the Chelmsford portion of the Cranberry Bog Reservation. After listening intently for over an hour as the Chelmsford ConsCom quizzed water district managers on their proposal for solving water supply problems in South Chelmsford, Duffy requested time to explain the nature and extent of his irrigation requirements at the cranberry farm. ...more

January ...more

Carlisle's efforts to prepare for Y2K paid off and the year 2000 arrived uneventfully. Police Chief David Galvin said that he had put on additional patrol and dispatch staff, but that no unusual events occurred and that the booms reported around the midnight hour appeared to come from Lexington. Those provident residents who had water containers and flashlights ready awoke to find electricity on and water and furnaces running normally. Most people thankfully plugged their computers in again and went on enjoying the long weekend. ...more

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