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Friday, January 7, 2000


Local council plans historical tour with grant

In September, the Carlisle Cultural Council (CCC) announced its proposal for "The Art of Living in Carlisle," a day-long cultural history tour to be held on Saturday, September 23. Now, the idea will become reality as the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the state organization which annually funds local councils in order to promote the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences, approved a grant to help fund this project. Though the CCC generally funds a number of events over the course of a year, such as concerts or performances at the library, this coming year the majority of the funding will be used for the tour.

"The Art of Living in Carlisle" will provide an opportunity to commemorate the new millennium in town by celebrating Carlisle's culture and history, with a special focus on the ways the arts were and are a part of our lives here. Beginning with Native American sites, the tour will include approximately ten sites, primarily houses and other buildings from the 1600s to the present. There will be demonstrations of the art, music, and crafts appropriate to the period. The council hopes to involve residents and school children as much as possible as guides and performers. A guidebook, which will include photographs and brief histories of the sites, will serve as a permanent record and become a resource for the library and school.

Since September, the CCC has received considerable support and several helpful suggestions in the form of personal comments, letters, and responses to the stamped postcards still located at the bulletin board at the post office. Further ideas or comments are always welcomed. Feel free to call members Maria Conley, 369-6066; chair Joan Goodman, 371-0724; Bonnie Miskolczy, 369-2647; Nancy Stadtlander, 369-8397; Andrea Urban, 369-4734; Malcolm Walsh, 371-2329; or Suzanne Winsby, 287-4272.

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