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Friday, December 17, 1999


Carlisle School to receive state grant for teachers

The Carlisle Public School has been chosen as one of ten school systems from across the Commonwealth to receive state funding under the Department of Education's new Teacher Career Advancement Program (T-CAP). The initiative was established to develop innovative professional career ladders for outstanding veteran teachers as an incentive to keep them in teaching, and to recruit other professionals to enter the classroom and share their experiences. According to a press release from the office of Senator Susan Fargo, the school is slated to receive $11,046.

"Carlisle has been very proactive with the T-CAP initiative," explained Brian Devine, a legislative liaison with the Department of Education, on why Carlisle was selected for the competitive grant award.

David Mayall, president of the Carlisle Teachers Association, said when he first learned of the T-CAP initiative, "It sounded right on target for what we were doing." Mayall added that the Center for Policy, Research and Education (CPRE), located at the University of Wisconsin, has been doing extensive studies on alternative ways to compensate teachers for their work and make teaching a more attractive profession. As a result, Mayall and a handful of school committee members, administrators and teachers from Carlisle will travel to Wisconsin for a three-day seminar on CPRE initiatives.

"This grant means we can expand some initiatives we have already begun," continued Mayall. "We consider ourselves an excellent school system and this is a way to keep that excellence."

Submitted by the office of Senator Susan Fargo.

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