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Friday, December 17, 1999


Selectmen issue a Y2K alert

With the turning of the millennium only a few weeks away, the board of selectmen are not anticipating any problems but have alerted townspeople to the following:

Any town residents who are concerned about their ability to cope with a power outage of more than 48 hours should register with the police dispatcher as soon as possible. Arrangements will be made for an officer to check in with the concerned parties should a lengthy power outage occur.

People who are dependent on medical equipment should also notify the dispatcher.

The emergency 911 system has been tested and found compliant. There is also ample fuel for town emergency vehicles.

The town does not have facilities to house people in the event of an emergency except for a small capacity in the police and fire stations. The town has also been informed that there will be no housing facilities available at Emerson Hospital or in Concord.

All town computer systems are Y2K compliant. The school facilities have also been tested and found to be compliant.

See page 13 for a checklist from the Y2K committee with suggested preparations.

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