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Friday, December 10, 1999


Since a complaint was filed against the Carlisle Public Schools last April, concerns have been simmering and coming out in various venues, primarily in letters to the Mosquito. However, emotions errupted, tears fell and tempers flared at the December 7 Carlisle School Committee. Unfortunately, there seemed to be little resolution of the issue plagueing the ...more

Town administrator David DeManche has given formal notice that he is vacating his position. At a joint meeting of the selectmen and personnel board on Tuesday, December 7, board of selectmen chair Doug Stevenson announced that DeManche has agreed to work full-time through the end of the year, and then will work on a part-time basis while the town searches ...more

Both town and school officials will have to face difficult choices over the next few months, if the finance committee's initial budget guidelines for fiscal year 2001 hold. At their November 29 meeting, the FinCom decided on the following increases and cuts: ...more

The Carlisle Planning Board enjoyed a mercifully light schedule on the evening of November 29. After months of lengthy meetings that approached and/or passed midnight, board members were home in time to catch the last half of the Packers-49ers game on Monday night football. ...more

Capturing the "early bird" title, members of the municipal land committee (MLC) arrived at Town Hall about the hour a feathered troop glides in for breakfast at my front yard feeder. Gathered at 7:30 a.m., November 29, the committee decided to try to widen citizen participation in land acquisition deliberations by sending out a municipal needs survey ...more

The board of health made an unusual move in its November 30 meeting by first approving a revised septic system repair plan for 1183 Westford Street, then revisiting the approved plans and ultimately, rejecting the plans. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission found itself enmeshed in a legal dilemma not of its own making at a public hearing on December 2. In a telephone conversation, town counsel had advised chair Jo Rita Jordan that in order to help break an administrative and legal gridlock , they should make a decision on a Notice of Intent (NOI) for upgrading Berry Corner ...more

Concord-Carlisle High School plans to continue its series of enrichment lectures begun by social studies department chair Denis Cleary. The lectures, open to students, staff, faculty and the public, are a way for teachers to share their knowledge and interest in subjects they often never get a chance to talk about in class, said Cleary. ...more

Carlisle elementary school students collected $1541.19 for UNICEF while Trick or Treating, this Halloween. The Carlisle Girl Scouts sorted and counted these donations (including a plethora of foreign change and Chucky Cheese tokens) and wrapped over $850 in coin rolls. ...more

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