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Friday, December 10, 1999


Carlisle is "on the wagon" again. In revolutionary times, however, it was very much "off the wagon." In just a period of thirty-five years, 1754 to 1789, Carlisle had at least five taverns that sold alcoholic beverages: the Spaulding Tavern, the Black Mansion, the Revolutionary Tavern, the Red Lion Tavern, and the Wheat Tavern. And maybe ...more

Keep in mind when planning your holiday gift list for family and friends that a treat from your kitchen has special meaning. Time is a scarce commodity these days, and something you have made yourself is received with special appreciation. It takes time to cook, bake and decorate, but is much more fun than fighting traffic and mall crowds. I prefer to "shop" ...more

This may sound like a strange way to get an idea for an article, but who knows where we really get our ideas. I was at the funeral of a 98-year-old woman from our church, and one of her grandsons got up to give a tribute to her saying, "We only knew Nana in the second half of her life." My thought was, "That's just like a used boat!" My ...more

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