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Friday, December 10, 1999


Halloween UNICEF collection raises $1500

Carlisle elementary school students collected $1541.19 for UNICEF while Trick or Treating, this Halloween. The Carlisle Girl Scouts sorted and counted these donations (including a plethora of foreign change and Chucky Cheese tokens) and wrapped over $850 in coin rolls.

Participating in this service project were Teresa Barton, Marie Benkley, Anne Marie Bilotta, Alina Blum, Amanda Byers, Devon Jeffers, Irene Dennison, Sarah Khedarian, Heather Risso and Jenny Zywiak for sixth grade Troop 2642 and Andrea Fine, Brittany Fay, Jenna Gillies, Julia Lyons, Lauren Middleton, Meaghan Monroe, Krissy Morgan, Kate Ostrowski and Chelsea Wilkes from fourth grade Troop 2644. UNICEF provides food, medical and educational support for children throughout the world.

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