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Friday, December 10, 1999


Land committee plans to survey town

Capturing the "early bird" title, members of the municipal land committee (MLC) arrived at Town Hall about the hour a feathered troop glides in for breakfast at my front yard feeder. Gathered at 7:30 a.m., November 29, the committee decided to try to widen citizen participation in land acquisition deliberations by sending out a municipal needs survey to every household in Carlisle.

The basic question behind the mailing will be the degree to which town funds should be absorbed within the center itself. For purposes of the survey, the term "town center" will encompass an area within a half-mile radius from the circle.

According to chair Burt Rubenstein, the committee hopes to get input from voters who may not normally keep close tabs on municipal discussions. Following the mailing in late February, there will be a town-wide forum on issues raised by the results.

Recreation committee representa-tive, Maureen Tarca, has volunteered to take a first pass at the survey development. Other members of the committee are Michael Abend, planning board; Jane Anderson, board of health appointee; Charlie Parker, finance committee; Louise Hara, trails committee; John Lee, conservation commission; Paul Morrison, school committee and Rubenstein, board of selectmen. In naming his colleagues, the chair noted that there are also representatives of non-governmental groups who regularly attend MLC sessions.

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