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Friday, December 10, 1999


Ethan Gregory Klickstein

Kathryn and Jamie Klickstein and their daughter Lindsay of West Street joyfully announce the birth of Ethan Gregory, who was born on November 23, 1999. The proud grandparents are Maybeth and Ed Sonn and Joan and Reuben Klickstein, all of Carlisle.

· Kathy Schweer of School Street has been appointed by the Massachusetts Board of Education to the Arts Education Advisory Council.

The Arts Education Council is one of fifteen councils established by the Education Reform Act of 1993, to advise the commissioner and board of education on matters pertinent to the implementation of Education Reform in the Commonwealth. These councils were established to assess statewide trends and needs; seek public and professional input, disseminate information, make recommendations regarding legislation and program guidelines; and provide other programmatic redcommendations as they deem necessary to accomplish the goals established by the board.

The focus of the Arts Education Advisory Council for year 2000 will be: school and district accountablility, student assessment, and teacher quality.

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