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Friday, December 3, 1999


School officials believe bountiful class treasuries warrant policy

The great success of the sixth grade spaghetti supper has brought in a bounty of riches for the class, according to Principal Andy Goyer. The amount accumulating in the class treasury for use during the three middle school years varies between $9,000 and $11,000. It more than pays for the buses for the sixth-grade outdoor education experience as well as the seventh-grade trip to Boston, and the eighth-grade trip to the Boston Aquarium. It also pays for a class gift approved by a committee of eighth-grade students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Consequently, Goyer is seeking an acceptable process for each middle school class which will make consistent use of the excess funds. Goyer's proposal, presented at the November 16 school committee meeting, is to continue use of the money to fund the traditional middle school field trips, eighth-grade graduation, seed money for the seventh-grade play and eighth-grade class gift.

If money still remains in the treasury, should it be offered for any number of requests from the teachers? Goyer is asking the school committee to establish a consistent policy. He is proposing that, if money remains in a class treasury after eighth-grade graduation, it be granted to a team of teachers or a teacher in a special area.

School committee member Suzanne Whitney Smith commented that money earned from the sixth-grade spaghetti supper could have lots of "swings and round-a-bouts." There are already two methods whereby teachers can submit proposals for funding. She suggested keeping the money with the class as it passes through the middle school and using it to alleviate some of the expenses of events and field trips for that class. On the other hand, according to member Cindy Nock, the money accrued is an investment on the part of the kids and parents, and could be used for the greater good of the school. Goyer responded that anyone could make a proposal, such as Nicole Baker's request for funds to defray the Quebec trip expenses.

Supporting Goyer, Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said the school would like to establish a policy. The field trips for students in grades K-5 cost from $24 to $36 per student per year. In the middle school, the trips require far more money from parents. Listening to the comments, she said the administration would return to the next meeting with a more formal policy.

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