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Friday, December 3, 1999


Be prepared: a Y2K checklist

The verdict is in: We're now absolutely sure that we have no idea what will happen on January 1. The greatest danger, by most accounts, is that we may lose electricity for a few hours, a few days, or longer.

Our committee has sought suggestions from townspeople and put together the following short list of things you can do to lessen the impact of any outage that may occur. We consider this to be a fairly conservative list that covers an outage of a few days to a week. Of course, nothing at all may happen, in which case we will be prepared and pleasantly surprised.

Suggestions of things to do in advance

· Know who your neighbors are.

· Learn how to drain your water pipes (including baseboard heat) so if power goes out, they won't freeze.

· Learn how to restart your furnace, water pump, water treatment system, etc.

· For one day, notice what you use electricity for.

· Test smoke detectors.

· Save hard copies of financial statements and monthly bills.

· Keep some cash and checks on hand.

· Plan to have your cars filled with gas.

· Find out how to manually open your electric garage door.

· Refill medical prescriptions.

· Find those down sleeping bags.

Suggestions of things to buy

· Drinking water, at least 1 gallon per person per day, times several days.

· Canned and dry food for a week or more.

· A manual can opener.

· Battery-operated radio, flashlights, and lots of batteries.

· A phone that plugs into the wall, in case only the phone power stays on.

· Firewood and matches or lighters.

· Amusements: playing cards, games, maybe a fun novel to read.

What to do on December 31

· Leave cars outside or leave garage door open if you can't manually open it.

· Unplug computers to protect against possible power surges.

· Fill the bathtub with bathing water.

· Celebrate the new year with friends and family.

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