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Friday, December 3, 1999

Tomorrow being the first day of Hanukkah and with Christmas only three weeks away, the staff here at the Mosquito has been asked to contribute a list of two or three books that they feel would make an appropriate gift for a friend or family member during this coming holiday season. Each has written a line or two describing what the book is about and, in some ...more

Larry Sorli, Jr. of Westford Street reports that rocks and boulders removed from Sorli pasture land, then piled along the edges of the fields in 1975 when the land was tilled, are now being used in the construction of the Peace Bell Garden in the central courtyard of the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Zen Associates of Sudbury, a landscape architectural ...more

While most voters have probably forgotten about the Wang-Coombs land since the purchase was approved last spring, the Carlisle Land Trust has been working diligently since then to bring closure to the complex deal. The town closed on the first parcel, 17.25 acres north of Curve Street on July 1, but they had to sell the limited development lots before they ...more

After six months of holding the barbarians at the gate, the selectmen are now laying out the welcome mat for cell tower proposals on town-owned land. Stressing the financial benefit to the town, board of selectmen chair Doug Stevenson summarized the board's position on November 23. He said that the town is open to receiving proposals to have a cell tower sited ...more

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