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Friday, November 26, 1999


On Thursday, November 19, the Carlisle School Association sponsored aninformativeevening of insights into educational philosophies at both the Concord-Carlisle HighSchool and Carlisle Public School. Ed Mavragis, who assumed the position of ConcordSchool superintendent this past spring, addressed educational issues at CCHS, and AlanTicotsky and Rob Quaden outlined ...more

A couple of weeks ago we thought we had lost one of our two cats, Rowdy, to the Carlisle coyotes. He didn't appear for breakfast which was very unusual. My husband, Paul, and I and our two children, Owen and Sydney were all sad. We kept hoping Rowdy would appear at our door. Then a day later, it somehow occurred to us that Rowdy might have jumped into the ...more

If I, a perfect stranger, say "Hi!" to you at the post office or transfer station as you rush about addressing the multitude of tasks confronting most young suburban families today, it is because that's the way it was when my wife, daughter, and I moved to Carlisle in 1963. We came from Lincoln in hopes of establishing our family in a genuinely rural ...more

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