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Friday, November 26, 1999


Board of health wields authority on multiple septic system plans

The board of health reviewed two repair plans and five septic disposal proposals at their meeting on Tuesday, November 16.

The repair plan for 532 South Street, prepared by the engineering firm Stamski and McNary, passed the board's inspection. The residence, now owned by Frank and Andrea Proctor, formerly housed the Mosquito offices. The plan required two waivers: first, the pump chamber and leaching field are within 100 feet of the wetland buffer zone; second, the size of the system cannot accommodate a garbage disposal. The board determined that, due to the lot size and configuration, any other solution would either encroach on other restricted areas or extend the system further into the wetland buffer. Therefore, the board approved the plan with a deed restriction on the home which limits it to three bedrooms and forbids a garbage disposal system.

The repair plan for 221 Brook Street, owned by Lewis and Anne Sayers, did not pass review. The board rejected the plan presented by the H-Star Engineering Company due to the age of the system. The plan called for two variances: one because the well is within 100 feet of the septic system and the second because the old tank is only 1,000 gallons. (Title 5 regulation would require 1,500 gallons.) Chair Steve Opolski stated his objection, "I'm uncomfortable with upgrading the system, leaving the existing tank in there and granting a waiver for it."

The board also reviewed four septic disposal plans from Stamski and McNary and approved plans for:

· 387 River Road, owned by Richard Glaser.

· Lot 9, Buttrick Lane for Land Westing Co.

· Lot 11, Buttrick Lane for Kevin Balboni.

· Lot 19, Kimball Road for Horne Builders & Co.

Seven cases of Lyme disease

With the cooler weather, the season for deer ticks has also come to a close. Board of health agent Linda Fantasia reported that the town has had seven cases of Lyme disease this year. Paperwork for three adults and two children has reached the board of health office to date, and she has heard of two other persons who are currently undergoing treatment.

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