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Friday, November 26, 1999


Bids to go out on Greenough farmstead again

The Carlisle Conservation Commission decided to reissue its Request for Proposals (RFP) for lease of the Greenough house, barn and agricultural property at its November 18 meeting. The board's first official notice brought a single bid, which has not been rejected but which the commissioners felt needed further clarification. Therefore, the reissue will occur "without prejudice" to that bidder.

The decision to readvertise the RFP recognized two factors. First, the existing bid appeared to deal almost exclusively with the house, whereas the RFP states a clear preference for a "combined bid" covering both the farmstead and the agricultural portions. Second, receipt of only one bid after advertising in the Boston Globe, Lowell Sun, Concord Journal and the Mosquito suggested the wisdom of including farm publications such as the Farm Bureau Newsletter in a final search.

The RFP will grant a five-year lease to the winning bidder of an in-service plan for renovation of the house and/or the agricultural portions, including the antique barn. One section on "planning and oversight" also specifies "maintenance of the agricultural status of the entire property."

Included in the five-year work requirements for the house are de-leading of paint, removal of asbestos, weather-proofing, reshingling, sill repair, and major reconstruction of the kitchen, bathroom and porch. As for the agricultural portion, the lessor is expected to weatherproof the barn, install an irrigation pump and well for both two-acre fields, and grade and resurface the farm road. All activities are to be completed in lieu of rent within the period of the lease and "with essentially no out-of-pocket expenses to the town."

The bidder in the first round of advertising was Paul Booth, who has been living in the house and performing limited maintenance through an agreement with caretaker John Windhol. It was the consensus of the commission that Booth's proposal as received lacked sufficient planning and management detail, work specifications and clear financial commitment. Clarification will be sought.

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