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Friday, November 26, 1999


Carlisle Comments: A cat story

A couple of weeks ago we thought we had lost one of our two cats, Rowdy, to the Carlisle coyotes. He didn't appear for breakfast which was very unusual. My husband, Paul, and I and our two children, Owen and Sydney were all sad. We kept hoping Rowdy would appear at our door. Then a day later, it somehow occurred to us that Rowdy might have jumped into the Skillings and Sons truck that had been parked in our driveway for over an hour the afternoon that he had disappeared.

We finally found out from Skillings (I think they thought we were crazy) where the truck had stopped next, Hudson Road in Stow. The following morning I flooded the Hudson Road neighborhood with posters of Rowdy and talked to everyone I ran into. Everyone was friendly and sympathetic, but had no information. Amazingly, that evening a woman called to say she had seen our cat. Encouraged, I returned the next day and expanded my leafletting and talked to more neighbors. Again when I got home a man called to say he had seen our cat that morning near his back porch.

The following morning Paul and his sister Eileen searched the woods across from the house where Rowdy had been last spotted. They shook a metal can of cat treats that we use to call our cats in from outside. They walked for a long time and then finally heard a faint "me-ow' coming from under some rocks. It was Rowdy, scared, hungry, and very glad to see Paul after being on his own for five days.

We sometimes still can't believe how lucky we were to find Rowdy. Since then, we double-check every truck and delivery van that comes to our house before it leaves, and we are keeping a closer eye on both Rowdy and Casey.

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