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Friday, November 19, 1999


1999 Carlisle Field Hockey Team Shows Great Spirit and Effort

The Carlisle Field Hockey team this year showed great strength and team skills all through the season. Our managers Hannah Roberts, Nicole Pedra, and Elise Mostello were the ones always supporting the players and helping them get geared up for the next game. They helped keep score and time during the games, which was greatly appreciated by everyone. They also got to show off their skills by playing in a game occasionally.

Laura Ferraro, Maureen Moulton, Vanessa Rao, and Allison Stevens, our new sixth graders on the team, were outstanding this year. They all played defense, and occasionally tried an offense position. They were always ready to pass the ball when it came their way and get it up to our forward players.

Caitlin Holland was a defense star. She has become very aggressive this season, which showed throughout all our games.

Christine Lyons, Katie Chew, and Alison Probolus played the link position outstandingly, and helped the team score when we were up near the goal. Their desire to win and to play their best helped improve the team.

Shir Sadan and Casey Freedman were other defensive players. They were always ready to play or practice. Their hard work in practice showed through- out all of our games. Rachel Grean and Kristin Bergstrom were our sweepers. They showed incredible defense, and always pushed the ball away when it came their way. When it came to a sixteen-yard hit, you knew that you should back up, because they could really whack it. The power they gave the ball helped us to score several times.

Olivia Vienneau, Nikki Reed, and Jen Fantasia were the seventh-grade forwards. Their enthusiasm and teamwork in games and practices helped the team score. They were always poised and read to take the ball down the field when it came in their direction. Kaitlyn Traynor was an incredible defensive player. She improved very much this season, and she showed her aggressiveness and capability.

Lauren Connors and Emily Fiorentino were our amazing eighth- grade forwards. They showed their skills in the games with great pride and effort. Their desire to win and to help the team was definitely appreciated by everyone. Amanda Rao, co-captains Joslyn Tarr and Kim Anderson were our most frequent scorers. They were our eighth- grade links. They wanted to win and improve more then anything and their teamwork and effort helped us to succeed.

Katie Brown, Keri Rouse and Alison Probolous were our extraordinary goalies. They were amazing. In every game they were pumped to win and they stopped many goals from coming in. Their hard work in practice really showed in the games. We thank them very much for doing such a great job.

Unfortunately, in the beginning of the season we lost one of our eighth- grade players, Natalia Samman, due to a foot injury. She was unable to play in any of the games, but helped coach our last game, which was a complete success. We won three to nothing. It was a great shut-out.

We would like to thank Mrs. Waite and Ms. Berube for coaching this season. We were more than lucky to have them. They helped us improve our playing and teamwork and that was greatly appreciated by the whole field hockey team. We couldn't be more thankful. We ended the season with a win, and with a great feeling of success.

I would like to congratulate the 1999 Carlisle Field Hockey team on their extraordinary season, and say good luck to next year's team.

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