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Friday, November 19, 1999


Carlisle's cross-country team

Carlisle's Cross-Country Running Team continues to grow (a record 43 students now), and continues to be one of the premier running teams in the Middlesex Athletic League. The five eighth-graders, Ben Phillippo, Emeric Bojarski, Jon Pan, Megan Lyons and Sam Rolley, provided leadership, stability, knowledge and experience for the younger students. Ben Phillippo, especially, demonstrated why he was the number-one-ranked runner in the league when he won convincingly at both the Carlisle Invitational in September, and the inaugural Acton-Boxborough Invitational held at the end of October. The eleven seventh graders running this year, Jim Chapman, Sean DeBruzzi, Stephen Decatur, Jason Fidler, Alex Hart, Ben Holzman, John Kilfoyle, Max Lewin, Ed Morin, Jeff Pan and Matt Phillippo, all showed significant improvements and will form the nucleus for next year's squad.

No fewer than thirteen sixth graders helped to support the team's efforts while, at the same time, laying the groundwork for successes in future years: Roy Bondurant, Allie Bryan, Benjamin Gatti, Alex Ivanov, Cassi Knight, Elise Lehotsky, Mike Luby, Jill McElligott, Cory Robart, Ian Saylor, Connor Smith, Nikki Spencer, and Walter Woodward. What the remaining fourteen fifth graders may have lacked in experience, they made up for in enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. All of these young competitors are looking forward to returning next year and continuing their running progress: Andy Brown, Lisa DeBruzzi, Dan Fidler, Gregory Gatti, Eric Halvorsen, Julian Allison, Mike Hassey, Cassidy Lane, Welles Mattson, Billy Mills, Cai Philips-Jones, Maia Reed, Peter Stone, and Eric Zuk.

All team members celebrated their successful season with a pizza party, during which time certificates, indicating individual improvements (the primary goal of Carlisle's running program), were presented to the students, Everyone then agreed that the individual sacrifices made during the season were ultimately worthwhile!

Tom O'Halloran is the Carlisle School's cross-country coach.

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