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Friday, November 12, 1999


On November 8, Rutland Street resident Robert Accetta, age 46, began serving his sentence for raping a 14-year-old boy from Lowell. ...more

Based on letters from federal investigators and former Carlisle resident Marion Alberico, Carlisle School officials can put the sexual harassment case behind them and continue renewed efforts under a recently revised policy. ...more

No one went home cheering from the November 4 meeting of the Carlisle Conservation Commission, but all involved were relieved that an ordeal was finally over. As often happens when public servants find themselves in a cross- fire of competing imperatives, a compromise was reached that completely satisfied no one. ...more

Last week the town received good news in the form of telephoned assurances from the state Department of Revenue on the day of Special Town Meeting that the town's free cash had been certified at $823,512. This allowed a Town Meeting vote to balance the budget for the current fiscal year by transferring $189,043 from these funds. Nonetheless, as finance committee ...more

On Thursday, November 4, the Carlisle Board of Appeals met to consider the Carlisle Congregational Church's application for a variance that would allow expansion of the School Street facility. After a methodical presentation of facts by the church representative, impassioned pleas by abutters, and lengthy consideration by the board, the church was given the ...more

The Concord School Committee voted to support the Master Plan to rebuild the Concord K-8 schools to bring them up to modern standards. The plan includes a new school to replace the 50-year-old Alcott Elementary School and extensive renovations for the two other aging elementary schools. Proposed renovations to the Sanborn Middle School would accommodate a ...more

Time may be money for some people, but more money won't necessarily buy more time for the Carlisle Public Schools. Time has become an increasingly precious commodity for teachers and students. ...more

Town representatives and state legislators shared their mutual frustration with the delays caused by the absence of an approved state budget at the semi-annual MAGIC (Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Cooperation) legislative breakfast on October 20. ...more

On October 27, the state awarded $3 million to the 23 communities of the North East Solid Waste Committee (NESWC) to help defray the cost of installing new air pollution control devices at the committee's North Andover waste-to-energy plant. The money for this assistance comes from the FY99 Capital Expenditure Supplemental Budget passed by the Legislature ...more

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